I sat across the bar sipping mojito and waiting for my boyfriend to show up, he was never early and I was starting to get irritated. I checked the time, it said 10:04pm. He was supposed to be here since 9:30pm. I didn’t know why I bothered showing up to these “dates”, his excuse to make up for his inconsistencies while still making no effort to be consistent.
“Hey beautiful.” Someone said behind me
I scowled at him, letting my irritation get the best of me.
“I’ve been watching you, a beautiful woman as you shouldn’t be sitting alone, mind some company?” He said, unfazed by whatever look I was giving him.
“No, I’m with someone he’s running a little late.”
He smiled.
“Alright, I’ll be right over there once you change your mind”. He said and walked back to where he was sitted.
I texted my boyfriend
– where the fuck are you?
– babe I’ll be there in an hour I promise, something came up.

I was so furious, how dare he? I was in a bar sitting alone and looking desperate. I had the mind to go home. Netflix and junk in bed was way better than this bullshit. I stood up, making my way towards the exit.
“Leaving so soon?” The stranger asked.
“Guess he stood you up, that’s unforgivable”.
I shrugged.
“Still want some company?”
I looked at him, I didn’t mind some company right now.
“Sure but I’m going home.”
He nodded and we both walked out of the bar. We got into my car and I drove off.

We got to my apartment and I let him in. As he stared around, I had a closer look at him. He was about 6’2 feet tall, brown-skinned and lean muscled, probably a ladies’ man.
“You’ve got a nice place.” He said.
I didn’t know if it was the low rumbling of his voice that turned me on or I just needed an outlet to vent my anger and frustration.
Without thinking, I got on my toes and kissed him. He was taken aback, he regained his composure fast enough and kissed me back, stroking my back down to my buttocks.

While kissing him, I placed my right hand on his chest and stroked my way to his crotch area, he was erect and ready. He undid his belt without breaking the kiss.
The moment his pants dropped to the floor, I went down on my knees, and took his erection into my mouth. He grabbed my hair and thrust hard into the back of my throat, moaning loudly. I placed my hands on his thighs to steady myself as my eyes turned watering from the deepthroating.

I sucked harder and bobbed faster.
“Stop, I’m going to come.” He moaned. I ignored him, going faster and prompting him to come in my mouth.
He came in my mouth, moaning loud and tighty gripping my head. I swallowed and smiled at him.
“You’re nasty” he said, chuckling.

He moved his hands to my tits, taking off my gown slowly. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath so my tits sprang free. He ran his tongue across my tits and went for my left nipple, slowly nibbling on it. I could feel is erection growing again.
Fishing a condom from the bedside table, I pushed him to the bed, fixed on the condom and straddled him. Grabbing my nipple in his mouth, he slowly thrust into me and I felt my pussy stretch around his girth and we both moaned at the same time through the initial penetration. I felt his dick rubbing my G-spot every time I sank down on him.
I cried out as I felt my orgasm coming. He knew I was close so he began thrusting harder and harder. He pounded me so hard and I knew I wouldn’t feel my legs for the next few days. I came hard

“Yes… Fuck yes…” I cried out.
I collapsed against his chest, waiting for the effect of my orgasm to subside.
I rolled to my side of the bed, shaking and breathing hard.
“Good night.” I said.
“I can take a cue.” He replied laughing a little.
“Are we going to meet up again?”
“Yeah sure.”
“You’re hilarious Kayla, you don’t even know my name.”
“How do you know mine?” I asked, a little surprised because I didn’t remember telling him my name.
“Your driver’s license beside your bed”. He answered.
“I’m Tim by the way.” He said, giving me a kiss on the forehead and taking his leave.
Somehow I knew we were going to meet again.

Few minutes after Tim left, my boyfriend walked in meeting me in the postion Tim left me in.
“What’s happening, I called you severally and sent texts you didn’t respond.”
“Uhn uh” I replied.
“Why are you naked? Why’s the bed wet?” He asked looking around, then he saw the used condom on the floor.
“Someone was here?”
I nodded, smiling hard.
“Who? Kayla answer me.”
“I need to sleep, we’ll talk tomorrow.” I said. I rolled over to my side and fell asleep immediately.