Shawna arrived today. I missed her so much. We used to live together till she got a job in another state.
I was in bed when she walked into the house. I felt someone lay beside me, I thought I was dreaming then I woke up to see the smiling face of my beautiful girlfriend.
“Please tell me I’m not dreaming” I said.
“Not this time Joseph” she replied, teasingly.
I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her.
“You should have called, I could have picked you up from the airport”
“Nah, I wanted to surprise you. Besides I wanted to catch you red handed with another girl or guy”
“You wish” I said, spanking her ass lightly.
“So how long are you staying?”
“Two days baby you know I got work” she replied. I sighed. I hated that she was so far away, I hated that I don’t get to see her often because of work.
“I’m beginning to think you and your boss have something going on” I said, moving away from her. It was a reach but it was all I could say.
“Why would you even say that, I hate my boss, he’s fat and ugly”. She moved closer to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders.
“Let’s not argue, I miss you and I don’t want to spend the short time we have arguing over nothing”.
Sigh, I love her and I missed her immensely when she wasn’t around. I playfully grabbed her waist and pushed her to the bed, straddling her. I tickled her neck and she burst out into giggles. I laughed as she squirmed beneath me, trying to work her way out between my legs.
I looked at her lovingly and remembered the day we met.

* * *

I was checking out my bucket list, and attending an orgy was the only one I haven’t done. I didn’t know if I wanted to do it or not. I decided to go anyways. I went with two of my lesbian friends. The orgy was actually for all sexual preferences.
It was a normal party with drinks, weed and food. Then the lights went dim and everyone was banging away. Few times, few ladies and guys approached me asking if I would be their potential partner, I turned them down; let’s say I wasn’t getting any sexual connection from them. I decided to take my leave and this naked girl walked up to me.
“I see you are not feeling this?” she said
“Yes, the idea of fucking in front of everyone and so much bodies and sweat and cum nauseates me” I answered. I took a good look at her, she didn’t look bad. Slender body, perky little breast and a magnificent ass. I was a little turned on just looking at her.
“I’m Shawna” she said, offering her hand.
“I’m Sheila” I reply, shaking her outstretched hand.
She touched my boobs and giggled. I smiled.
“I have somewhere we can be, no dick smell I promise, but I can’t guarantee no sweaty bodies and wet pussies.” She said.
I shrugged, what can a girl do? Besides she was hot and I was seriously turned on by her.

* * *

“Earth to Sheila”, Shawna said snapping her fingers to my face.
“You just zoned out” she said.
I leaned down to kiss her forehead
“No baby, I’m just thinking about the day we met”
She laughed.
“That fucked up orgy”.
“Fucked up or not, I’m glad I met you.” I said.
I wrapped my hands around her waist, kissing her and nibbling gently on the bottom of her lips. Snaking her fingers into my bra top, she grabbed my nipples and gently rolled them between her thumb and her index finger. I moaned into her mouth as I kissed her intensely. We hurriedly took off our clothes and then I placed my hands between her thighs slowly rubbing my way up from her thighs to her clitoris. She shuddered with desire. I placed a finger on her vagina opening and traced my fingers slowly from top to bottom; it glided over with no resistance.

She took my right nipple between her teeth and flicked it with her tongue making my head spin. I moaned softly. I parted her legs and gently pulled her panties to one side pushing a finger into her wetness. She moaned loudly. I slowly worked my tongue from her neck down to her cleavage, stomach and thighs and finally settling between her legs, I placed my tongue on her clit, slowly circling it and without warning Shawna pushed her hips against my face, I pushed her hips back down teasing her with my tongue enough to get her to the edge without making her come. I kissed my way up from her clit to her boobs, gently suckling on each nipple. Then I kissed her lips making her taste her juices.
“Lay on your tummy.” I ordered.
Shawna obeyed, lying on her tummy, she arched her back so she her ass was in the air. Spreading her butt cheeks, I licked my pinkie finger and inserted it into her butt hole. Her insides constricted around my finger and I felt her warmth. I used my thumb to fiddle with her clitoris while my pinkie finger was in her butt hole, slowly finger fucking her. She groaned hard and moaned further arching her back. I knew she was close to orgasm.

“Not yet babe.” I said.
I flipped her over and straddled her, placing my clit right above hers, I moved my hips and she moaned. She grabbed my ass and pressed my thighs further into hers. I was creaming and I felt her wetness on my labia. I placed my palm around her neck, choking her slightly as I grinded my hips into hers, she went from moaning hard to muttering incoherent words, the look on her face was that of pure pleasure. I was on the verge of orgasm.

“I’m coming babe.”
“Me too.” She replied.
She rocked her hips and screamed as he came hard, I moaned hard, hips bucking and my heart pounding, I saw colors as my orgasm came rushing through.
We both lay on the bed, breathing heavily and giggling.
“I missed this so much.” She said.
“Me too.” I said, kissing her forehead.
I wanted it to be like this forever.