“Someone might hear us.” I said, feeling a little excited and scared.
“Then make sure you keep your voice down.” She replied, smirking. I knew she loved the idea of someone listening to us, or rather me moaning at the top of my lungs.
At first, I was skeptical of the idea due to fear of being caught.
“We do this here, or you forfeit your cum privileges for the next thirty days. You have ten seconds to decide.” She said
With no hesitation I said. “Do it.”

I knew the unspoken threat behind no cum privileges for thirty days was an unending sexual teasing for that same thirty days. And I didn’t want that kind of torture.
“Yes Mistress.”
“Bend.” She ordered. That was all I needed to hear to know what she wanted me to do.
I had a hard time arching my back; the toilet stall was small and wasn’t built for two people at once. I held on to the toilet seat and pushed my ass up in the air. She unzipped my trousers and pulled it halfway down to my thighs. I felt something cold up my ass.
“Relax.” She said.
I nodded my head and relaxed my back. She lubed up my ass and inserted a small vibrator gently up my ass.
“Pull up your trouser.” She ordered.
I was a little disappointed, I expected her to take me at the moment but I dared not defy her.
“Yes mistress.”
She left the toilet; I straightened myself and went out after her.
The movie was going to start in 20 minutes. I stared at my mistress and she was paying no attention to me. She was on her phone smiling and tapping away.
Who was making her smile? Why wasn’t she giving me any attention?
I contemplated going to the back to the bathroom to take out the vibrator, it wasn’t even on and it was really uncomfortable. But I couldn’t. If I did she was definitely going to kill me.
She chuckled again, still not looking at me.
“Should I get some snacks?” I asked, hoping to get her attention.
“Um sure.” She replied, not looking at me.
Maybe she hated me.

Maybe she didn’t want to be here.
I stood up to go get our snacks then suddenly my legs shook hard. Something vibrated inside me and knees almost bucked.
I looked at her and she smiled at me. She was controlling the vibrator with her phone.
“Go get the snacks.” She said.
I nodded and walked away tentatively.

I got back and she stared at me. I sat and braced myself for another pleasure impact but none came. She was fucking with my head.
“What do you think of this movie?” she asked, showing me a movie on the leaflet that people have been talking about online.
“I think it’s overrated, the plot gets confusing and the main…”
Before I could finish my sentence, it started vibrating. The sensation threw me off guard and I gasped.
“Keep talking.” She ordered.
I nodded but I had already lost my train of thought. She didn’t stop; the vibration became intense and a small moan escaped from my mouth.
“Please mistress, I’m going to come.”
I gripped the edge of the table and stifled a moan, my erection hard and threatening to burst out of my jeans.
“Oh but you can’t come.” She said teasingly. She reached across and cupped my chin in her left palm and placed her thumb in my mouth. I licked it and bit down on it softly. The vibration didn’t stop; I was so close to orgasm. Suddenly it stopped.
“Please no.” I whimpered softly.
“It’s time.” She stood and made for the screen room. I stood up slowly because I didn’t trust my legs to not buck beneath me.
We got into the screen room and sat at the far end of the room. The movie started playing and my concentration wandered. I looked at my mistress and I felt the urge to kiss her. But I didn’t.
I decided to concentrate on the movie and few seconds into watching I felt the intensity. I jumped a mile out of my seat when the vibrations hit me.
“You OK?” She asked, almost teasing me.
I nodded breathlessly, trying to stop myself from basically writhing in public. I was glad it was dark and nobody was concentrating on us.
“Try not to come.” She said. Then she increased the intensity.
On this intense setting, my body was sweltering hot from head to toe. I swear, the screen literally went blurry on me. My eyes were crossing, my palms were sweating. I couldn’t see my mistress’s face but I knew she was smiling, enjoying my sweet sweet agony. I bit my bottom lip to keep me from moaning hard. I was sure everyone around us could be able to hear the vibrator humming. I glanced about and no one was paying attention to me. I had to remain silent, but soon I would not be able to stop myself from moaning.
My mistress watched me squirm; I was trying so hard to be still but my body was trembling.
“You are my dirty slut.” She whispered.
“Yes I am.” I answered my voice thick with desire. My erection bulging. I wanted her to choke me so hard, I wanted her teeth on my earlobes, I wanted her to tie me up and tease me, wanted her to pee on me. I moaned softly.
“One more noise from you and I’ll make you scream in here.”
“I’m sorry mistress.”
The vibration intensified. I felt pre-cum seeping through the front of my trouser. I gripped the arms of the seat and arch my back, grinding my butt into the seat. I clapped a palm over my mouth, stifling the moans threatening to erupt.
“Mistress I’m so close.” I said.
She stopped.
“We can’t have you coming, not yet.” She said.
I didn’t mind, I wanted to come for her. My focus went back to the screen and I couldn’t wait for the damn movie to be over so I could please my mistress properly.