“Use your drugs o.” My favorite nurse said, I smiled at her and proceeded to walk out of the hospital, my eyes caught a petite figure sitting on a chair, bent slightly gazing at her phone. Normally I would have appreciated her from afar and been on my way but something compelled me to go meet her.
“Hi,” I said. She rolled her eyes slightly and ignored me.
Normally I would have saved face and walked away but I didn’t.
“So you’re here to see the doctor?”
“I thought this was a place of worship, why else would I be here.” She replied sarcastically.
She was pretty petite, about 5 feet 6 inches; compared to my 6 feet 3 inches. But she had this air of authority around her and she looked like she knew how to stand her ground.
“Number 105?” A nurse called out.
She stood and went into the doctor’s office, ignoring me completely.
I was a bit pissed, I was determined to wait till she comes out.
“Fine boy, you haven’t left?” My favorite nurse asked.
“Not yet,” I replied.
“Ok o.”

10 minutes later
She came out with a slight smile on her face; I waited for her to leave the waiting area before I approached.
“You’re being creepy.” She said.
“Maybe we started with the wrong foot, I’m Chisom,” I said extending my right hand.
“Hi Chisom, can you take a cue?”
It was infuriating; there was something about her that I couldn’t place. I felt slightly drawn towards her. She began to walk away from me towards the pharmacy, I was also heading there but I lingered a little, I didn’t want to feel like a stalker. She was talking to the pharmacist when I got there.
“My friend, you’re here today.” The pharmacist said to me.
“Yes, how are you?” I asked her.
“Fine o, where you abandoned me,” she replied. I laughed.
“Aunty, the POS is not working don’t you have cash?” she asked my petite hostile friend.
She shook her head, I could see the look of frustration on her face.
“How much is it?” I asked.
“4,300 naira.” The pharmacist replied.
“No.” My hostile friend protested, not wanting me to pay the money.
“It’s fine, you can transfer it to me, let me just give her the cash.”
She nodded reluctantly. I paid and she got her drugs. Before we got out of the hospital she shoved her phone to my face.
“Type in your account number.”
I took her phone, her bank app was opened. I exited the app and her wallpaper caught my attention. It was a drawing of a guy cuffed to a bedpost.
“You don’t have to pay me back,” I said.
“I’m serious, put in your details.”
With an exasperated sigh, I did. Out of curiosity, I decided to visit her gallery for a quick second. I started scrolling right and I was looking at pictures of her. Then I got to a weird picture, the guy was on his knees, hand behind his back tied together and a gag around his mouth. I was a little surprised. I scrolled past and there were other pictures of a guy kissing her feet. She snatched her phone out of my hand
“I asked you to put in your account details, you should know better than to go through people’s phones.” She snapped angrily. She began to walk away from me.
“Wait! I’m interested.” This was me making a desperate attempt to make her talk to me. It worked.
“Interested in what?”
“The stuff on your phone.” I said a little shyly.
“Kinky sex.” She said chuckling slightly. I was surprised at how her mood could switch easily.
I nodded; I was scared she was going to decline. Instead, she smiled and said, “give me your number”. I did and she left.

9 pm
I was restless, what if she didn’t call? I checked my phone a hundred times, maybe I missed her call. I had to give up; she probably didn’t save my number. I dropped my phone and decided to play games. A few minutes later my phone rang; it was an unknown number. I let it ring for a little while before I picked it.
“Hi, it’s Sharon.”
“Oh hi, number 105.” I said.
She chuckled.
“So when do you want to meet up, let’s talk.”
My heart did a little skip.
“No I have to work, next Saturday. See you then.” She said and the call went off.
I couldn’t stop smiling. I was going to see her, I didn’t know much about kinky sex so I got to googling.

3 pm Saturday

I was a little nervous as I stood outside her door, texted me her address earlier. I took a deep breath and knocked. A few seconds later the door was unlocked. She stood in front of me, wearing a see-through top and a short; my throat went dry. She was petite but hot.
“Come in.”
I did. Her room was really neat and well-organized; I didn’t expect less from someone dominant. I sat on the bed and she sat beside me.
“Want anything?” she asked.
I shook my head in response. I was still nervous.
“Loosen up I don’t bite, except you want me too though.” She said chuckling. It sounded really hot coming from her.
“Uh… so what do you do?” I asked.
“You mean besides inflicting pain on people.” She replied smugly.
She was coy and it was hot. I felt hot and weird.
“I am a student but I’m also a freelance writer.”
“Oh that’s cool, I’m a software developer.”
“Let’s get to business. Why do you want to be my submissive?” She asked. My initial reply was to say because I wanted to be close to her and it was the only way but I figured she wouldn’t appreciate it.
“Because I want to explore my sex life and I think you’re the right person to do it with.”
“Ever been a submissive?”
“No actually but I know I’m one.”
She stood and came back with a small bag, then she poured out the content on the bed and stared at me, watching my reaction.
I saw a whip, butt plug, hand and leg cuffs, collars, chokers, anal beads and some I couldn’t identify.
“Wow.” I said.
“Changing your mind already?”
“No, I’m just amazed.”
“Take your shirt off.” She ordered.
Chills ran down my spine and I took my shirt off. I could feel my erection growing. She nudged my knees apart and stood between them. She cupped her palm under my chin and tilted my head upward so I was looking at her. She pushed me towards the bed and straddled me with her clothes on. She kissed my earlobes, twirling her tongue on the tip gently. My whole body shook as a moan escaped from my mouth. She made her way to my chest and kissed the middle before placing her mouth on my right nipple. I felt a jolt of electricity as her warm tongue touched my nipple, I touched her hair and she stopped.
“No touching.” She said. She picked the handcuff, grabbed my arms and placed them above my head. She cuffed my wrist together.
She went back to my nipple, slowly twirling her tongue on it and sucking. I moaned so hard; the pleasure I felt was crazy. She undid my belt and pulled off my trousers and briefs. It was hard. She blindfolded me so I couldn’t see anything she was doing. She placed nipple clamps on both my nipples. They hurt but in just the right amount.
She nudged my legs apart and touched my dick, it twitched and I gasped. Immediately I felt something cold around my asshole and a finger making its way inside me. It felt strange and it felt really good. My legs shook and I groaned.
“Want me to stop?” She asked.
“No please.” I croaked.
She went in so slowly, going in and out as I moaned and struggled against my restraint.
“Stay still.” She said.
The pleasure I felt as she fingered me mixed with the pain I was starting to feel as my nipples hurt. It was a new type of pleasure and I didn’t want it to end.
She took her fingers out, removed my blindfold and said ‘look at me.
“Legs up.” She ordered. I shot my legs up in the air and she bent them backward, attaching a leg cuff to the handcuff. She took a butt plug and placed rubbed lubricant on it.
She pushed it gently into me, it did hurt a little.
“Should I stop?”
“No mistress,” I replied.
She left it in and brought her tongue onto the tip on my dick. Licking slowly.
“Fuck.” I exclaimed. She deep throated me slowly and it was marvelous. I gasped and moaned, I was close to ejaculating. My core shook. She sensed that I was about to come; she stopped.
She undid the hand and leg cuffs. And I was confused.
“Did I do something wrong?” I asked.
“Shh.” She said spanking my ass lightly.
“Stand up.” She ordered.
I obeyed. I stood in front of her and watched her undress. She was completely naked and I wanted to touch her so bad.
I obeyed. She shoved my face to her pussy and immediately I licked. She squeezed her thighs around my head, suffocating me but I didn’t mind. I placed my tongue on her clitoris, licking and teasing like my life depended on it. She moaned and gripped my head. Her moans were music to my ears.
“Stop.” She said. I didn’t want to stop but I had to obey her.
“Now I want you to lie on your stomach.”
I turned over and she took my left wrist in her hand, and wrapped a rope around it, passing it across my chest.
“Tell me if it’s too tight.” She said and I shook my head slightly. She kept passing the rope around my chest making sure it was secure; she picked up a couple of pillows and instructed me to rise on my knees slightly. Now I was restrained and feeling deliciously vulnerable. She knelt with one knee on the bed and slipped a hand under my buttocks, touching my erection. She pressed a finger against my asshole and took out the butt plug.
I tensed at first but then started to relax as I got used to the pressure and sensation. Her finger penetrated further until it finally slid as far as it could. She gently and slowly pulled out and then pressed forward again. I moaned so hard as she finger-fucked my ass.
She stood up picked up the five-inch strap-on dildo she had recovered from the drawer with the restraints earlier. She expertly wore it, and knelt behind me on the bed, applying some lubricant to the tip and also to my ass with her finger. She settled in behind me and started slowly penetrating my ass.
“Oh, fuck.” I gasped.
Relax,” she said and pushed her hips forward. The dildo penetrated further as her hands resting on my ass cheeks, spreading them.
“Do you want me to stop?” she asked, knowing the answer.
“No, mistress! Fuck me!”
Again she pushed her hips forward, one hand wrapped around my throat and the other reaching under my thigh to caress my balls, squeezing them gently.

“You like that, don’t you?” she teased.
“You love me fucking your ass,” she said as she ground into me
I moaned my reply, I couldn’t talk.
“I’m coming, I’m coming.” I said as I arched my ass. My sperm spewing on her sheet, as my legs shake badly.
I gasped and panted as I collapsed on my tummy.
She smiled and undid the restraint and took off the nipple clamps.
“So, want to be my submissive?” She asked.
“Yes please.” I replied.
“How many guys have you done this with?” I asked out of curiosity.
“I can’t count how many. Why?”
“Nothing.” I felt a prang of jealousy. I knew I wasn’t her first or fifth but I didn’t want to hear that. I lay on the bed and she lay beside me, stroking my hair. I was looking forward to another time.