She stood at the door smiling defiantly at us.
“Are you not going to invite me in.” she said.
“It’s best you leave.” My husband replied, I could see the vein popping on his forehead.
“Don’t be silly, I’ve missed you sweetie.” Ann said coyly as she made her way into the house. I had to admit it, I missed her so much; I missed the way she smelled, I missed the way she left hickeys on my top breast; she called it ‘marking her territory’. I had nothing against her, but Mide did; because I broke the rule. Just looking at her caused my stomach to flutter.
Mide faced me; I knew he wanted me to tell her off.
“Uh… Ann you should go.” I said stuttering.
She smiled coyly; she walked towards me and placed her finger on my lip. For a minute I thought she was going to kiss me, but she didn’t. Instead she smiled and took her leave.
I’d totally forgotten how much her touch made me quiver.
“The audacity!” Mide said, he was visibly angry.
“Ignore her.” I said softly.

I placed my hands on his chest and tiptoed to kiss him. I snaked my hands down to his groin area grabbing his penis through his short. I moved my lips to his neck and kissed it lightly, flicking my tongue on it softly.
Mide held my shoulders
“What was that for?” He asked.
“Shh, stop talking.” I whispered.

I wasn’t going to lie, seeing Ann brought back certain memories that made me really horny. I went on my knees slowly and tugged at my husband’s short, spreading his legs far apart as I struggled to pull them off. The shorts came off and his erection was right in my face.

I brought my lips to his thighs kissing slowly, getting closer and closer to his balls as I did this. He let out a loud moan when I put one of his balls into my mouth. I played around with it inside my mouth, then I switched to the other one; I was also stroking his thighs while I licked his balls. He gasped and grabbed my hair when I managed to put both his balls into my mouth at once. I snaked my fingers between his legs and rubbed my thumb around his anal opening while my lips completely enveloped his entire sack, up to the root of his dick. I wrapped my hands around his dick and began to stroke him.
“Oh, Ruby!” He moaned.

I brought my lips to the tip of his dick and licked, his legs shook and I smiled. Starting from the root, I worked my mouth up to the sensitive underside of his dick, right under the head. I gave that area some licks and he gasped and groaned begging me to stop and to not stop. I finally put my lips around the whole head of his dick and started to gently suck him off. Fondling his balls with my hand, I slowly lowered my mouth over his entire shaft, getting it deep inside my mouth to the back of my throat.
I slowly bobbed my head up and down, getting my hands under him and squeezing his butt. I could hear his breathing getting heavier and his moans getting louder.
“Ruby I’m going to come.” He said, his voice thick.
“Come in my mouth.” I replied. He nodded and gripped my head, moaning has his come slid down my throat. I swallowed and licked off the rest on his dick cap.

After few seconds of regaining this thoughts;
“What was that about?” Mide asked panting hard.
“What?” I asked innocently.
“So this has nothing to do with seeing Ann and maybe a sudden increase in your libido?”
I feigned offense. He was absolutely right but I wasn’t going to allow him win.
He gave me the knowing look and decided not to pursue things further.

* * *

See you later in the day, Mide said; he held my grabbed my ass and squeezed it softly. I giggled and gave him a playful tap on his chest. I waved as he started the car and drove off.
The plan for the day was to write a story for an erotic magazine and maybe a Netflix marathon after I was done. I settled in bed with my laptop wearing just my panties and bra. Ten minutes into the article, the doorbell rang. I rolled my eyes; I was sure it was Dera. I wasn’t really in the mood for visitors. I walked to the door with the determination of telling her off.
“See Dera, I’m quite busy and…”
“Who’s Dera?”
I opened the door to Ann smiling at me.
My mouth suddenly went dry.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
She walked in, ignoring my question. She sat on the couch smiling tauntingly at me.
“You need to go.” I said.
“I came to see how you were doing.”
“Ann, I really appreciate you coming all this…” Before I could complete my statement, she stood up and placed a finger on my lips. She then nuzzled my neck softly.
“I know you missed me.” She whispered.
I swallowed hard as I felt a familiar wetness between my legs. What she fucking does to me.
My heart beat of new tremor skipped as her left hand roamed around my body, resting on my pubic area right above my clit. I gasped.
My nipples became hard as a rock as I felt a new pulse from the grip of her right hand on my boobs.
I gasped as she pushed me against the couch. She grabbed a handful of my hair and snapped my head back. She stared into my eyes and grinned. I let my mouth drop open, wetted my lips with a slow tongue, gulped back saliva. I wriggled and whimpered, willing her to go down on me but she held me tight. Her gaze flicked over my body, taking in every curve, lighting on my breasts, my nipples pressed hard against the cotton of my bra. I wanted her so badly; it was as if all the months of denial had finally blown their safety valve.
She loosened her grip, mussed my hair, and grinned mischievously. Her playfulness made me laugh; carefreeness was Ann’s middle name, like everything in life was there just for her pleasure. I kissed her and cut off her breath, tasting mint. She responded and our lips locked as we kissed hard, gasping and moaning in each other’s mouth. I worked the buttons on her top and a moment later it had fallen to my knees, then I began fumbling with the zip on her skirt. Soon she was completely naked and so was I.
She went on her knees and caressed my buttocks ever so gently; she parted my ass cheeks and licked up and down. I gasped, almost losing my footing. She kept on licking – making me so wet between my ass cheeks. I pushed my buttocks to her face, gripping the edge of the couch as she ate me from behind; I moaned deeply. My legs shook involuntarily and I was close to coming. I didn’t want to come yet. I held her head to stop her.
I turn her around and took her hand, leading her to the room. I pushed her gently on the bed and spread her legs apart. I observed her welcoming cunt and lowered my face to my vagina, taking her clit into my mouth. Her vagina was seeping wetness into my mouth and it tasted so good.
With her legs wrapped around my shoulders, I gently fondled the entrance to her asshole with my index finger and thumb as I continued to tongue her clitoris.
Shaking and shivering as I kept fingering and eating her out she moaned so loud; I was sure the neighbours could hear us.
“Fuck me.” She said.
With that I straddled her, my clitoris on her, my boobs on her, our sweat and fluids mixing. She held my buttocks as she grinded me from below; I went with the rhythm, our clitorises brushing against each other. I could feel wetness dripping and I moaned hard; grinding her hard.
“Fuck, I’m going to come.” She said.
“Me too babe, me too.” I replied.
I grabbed her head and kissed her as our orgasms came washing through us. I collapsed on the bed; panting hard.
“I missed you.” She said softly as she touched my face.
“I missed you more.” I replied.
“Let’s cook something.” I stood up from the bed and pulled her up with me as she groaned lazily. We both threw on my husband’s shirts and headed towards the kitchen. I whipped up some egg and started frying, just then I heard the bell ring.
“Ugh, it should be my neighbour Dera.” I said rolling my eyes.
“Really? Let me get it.” She said and left the kitchen.
Few moments later, Ann called from the living room.
“Ruby, I think you should come.” I could hear the smirk in her voice and I wondered what mischievous thing she was up to. I smiled and walked into the living room; Mide was standing at the entrance. My insides turned to jelly as I saw hurt, anger and pain in his eyes.
“It’s not what…”
“Fuck you.” He hissed. He walked right out and slammed the door.

This was the beginning of a marriage disaster.