Disclaimer: the story is entirely fictional but the places are real. Characters are made up and if they seem to imitate real life characters then you should know life imitate art. Enjoy.

Boxes upon boxes everywhere, I blew an exasperated sigh and wondered when I was going to be done unpacking.
He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.
“Mide stop or we won’t get the unpacking done in time.” I told my husband as he grinned sheepishly at me.
My husband and I just moved from the busy life in Lagos to Abuja, he got a job with a good pay and decided to seize the opportunity.
“Don’t you think we should baptize the house with your holy water and mine?” he asked teasingly.
“Stop being naughty.” I said giggling; I was half-aroused already. My phone beeped and a text message popped up.

Hey, just wanted to know if you got there safe. Love Ann.

“Ann? Really? I thought you didn’t have anything to do with her.” My husband said. I could see the vein throbbing in the middle of his head.
“She just wants to know if I got here safe, stop it.” I said and continued to unpack.
Mide and I are in an open marriage and Ann was one of my partners. The relationship between Ann and I almost got serious and Mide was furious about it. That ship had sailed but he didn’t want to let go.
“I’m sorry, just hearing or seeing that name makes me mad.” He said, holding my waist and pulling me towards him.
My anger dissipated. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on the lips, before I could pull away he deepened the kiss, grabbing and squeezing my ass.
Our tongues danced and he stroked my back down to my ass then he nibbled my lips gently. I felt the excitement as sensations ran down my spine and warmth spread between my legs. He bit the side of my neck gently and I felt his hot breath on my skin and shivers of pleasure ran up and down my belly and spine. He held me as we sank to the floor, cold on our skins but we didn’t care. In no time we ripped off our clothes, I lay on the floor and he hovered over me. He worked his butterfly kisses up to my inner thigh; I caressed his head, running my fingers through his hair. His butterfly kisses turned to little love bites as he marked my thigh.
He stopped and watched me with excitement as I squirmed, willing him to give my throbbing clit and pussy some attention. He traced my clitoris with the fingers and without warning he thrusted his finger deep inside me. He reached up and grabbed a nipple alternating between squeezing my nipples and fingering me. I started to see colours; I headed towards a massive orgasm. He seemed to know and backed off just a little, holding me close but not letting me tip over.
Mide slowly and deliberated placed his tongue on my clitoris and licked it with a steady regular pace. I grabbed his hair and thrusted my hips up in his face.
The waves built slowly; I closed my eyes and allowed the pleasure wash through me. He kept going at a steady pace and my waves kept building higher and higher. My orgasm came crashing and my whole body bucked and writhed as I moaned with so much pleasure.
Mide kept working my pussy and clit gently and my climax went on and on until it slowly faded away.
I couldn’t move my body for a full minute; I lay on the floor trying to catch my breath.
“Get your lazy ass up, we’ve got work to do.” My husband said, smirking at me.

* * *
Sunday 11pm

I twirled around showing off my figure-hugging blue dress with a plunging neckline. And of course I wore a new, white lacy bra underneath with matching undies.
“You look so good, I could take you right now.” He said.
“Ruin my makeup, and I’ll ruin your life.”
He laughed. We decided to check out the Play lounge club around Wuse 2.
We got there, it was an ok place; with time we would discover better places. Music played out loud and we sat at the bar and ordered drinks. As the bartender prepared our drinks, my husband nudged me
“Her?” He asked, nodding his head towards a pretty woman.
“Nope.” I replied. I mean she looked really good, but I felt no sex appeal.
“Him?” I tilted my head towards a man; he was somehow giving off bisexual vibes.
“He looks good.”
Mide was smiling and staring at him.
Ok quick explanation, Mide and I are in an open marriage, we’re both bisexual and we don’t want kids. Blissful isn’t it? As opposed to what you might be thinking, we love each other a whole lot and we’ve been married for two years. I’m a writer and he’s an architect.
“Maybe I’ll go talk to him.” Mide said and stood to make his approach.
A text popped in my phone.

Hey you didn’t reply. Well I just wanted to know if you’re good.

It was Ann. I decided to ignore it, I was going to call her much later.
“Hi.” Someone said. I looked up to see a really beautiful woman standing in front of me. She was roughly 5feet 6 inches, light skinned, she had small perky tits; I know because they were in my face.
“Hi.” I replied.
“I’m Dera, I stay upstairs it’s not like I’m stalking you but I recognize you because I watched you and your husband move in yesterday.”
“Hi Dera, I’m Ruby it’s nice to meet you.”
“Where’s your husband though?” She asked.
“Right there.” I nodded my head towards him, he was laughing with the other guy and I smiled. I sensed a three-way approaching.
“There’s something about the both of you, I can’t place my finger on it though.” She said lightly.
I replied with a “uh-uh”, I was distracted; my husband was whispering something into the other guy’s ears. The guy nodded and went outside. Mide came towards me and whispered “he’s in.”
He held my hand and we went outside, I had totally forgotten about Dera. The ride back home was filled with sexual tension, we eased it by talking about the reason why we moved, our careers and marriage life. Our guest (Victor) looked fascinated.
“It’s hard to believe people in Nigeria do open marriages.” Victor said.
“Yeah, fortunately for us we are immune to society’s conditioning.” I replied.
The conversation went on till we got to our house.
We were barely inside but I could smell pheromones. We barely made it to the bedroom before Mide grabbed my waist and kissed me deeply, moaning softly into my mouth. He then walked towards Victor and placed his lips on Victor’s lip, kissing him deeply. I stood and watched as they took off each other’s shirt; I was so wet. My husband whispered something in Victor’s ear and Victor walked towards me. He pushed me gently to the bed, pulled up my dress and dragged his soft lips up to the very top of my thigh where the skin was the most sensitive. He kissed a maddeningly soft line across my thigh and then down the other side. It felt different, it felt new. I tilted my hips up to meet his mouth and he clamped down on me, his lips soft and hot. His tongue parted me, slickening my already wet vagina with his saliva. His tongue painted insistent circles on my clitoris until I gripped his head and moved my body up to meet him.
Mide stood and watched. His erection was high; his eyes were shiny mouth set in a fine amused line. He was enjoying this almost as much as I was.
Victor sealed his mouth to me, using the rigid tip of his tongue to nudge my clit over and over and over until I was panting for breath. Then he stopped. His mouth hovered near my pussy, but he’d pulled back. He didn’t touch me. My heart pounded so fast, and I writhed restlessly. I wanted to come. I needed to come. Desperately.

Then my husband walked towards me and Victor stopped what he was doing. He grabbed his chin and kissed him, tasting my juice on his lips.
“Come here.” Mide whispered. I stood; he fully undressed me and grabbed my waist, grinding his hard-on on my butt. He then went in slowly; I was extremely wet so he had no problem entering. I gasped as my walls began to constrict around his length. He pushed my head forward so I arched my hips and my head rested on the edge of the bed. He went in ever so slowly, and then increased his pace. I groaned and moaned as I felt him inside me; I was getting wetter by the minute. Victor came closer and I grabbed his dick, placing it into my mouth. He groaned and held my head, pushing his whole length into the back of my throat.
Mide grabbed my lower back and slammed hard into me. I gasped; I arched my back further to match his rhythm. He was moaning hard and I knew he was close to coming. I arched my back much further and slammed him, going harder and harder.
“I’m going to come.” He said between moans. Just then his orgasm came, he gripped my hair from behind and slammed into me as he came hard. His body vibrated.
He pulled out and knelt in front of Victor, taking his dick into his mouth. I was fine with watching; I lay on the bed and watched my husband suck Victor’s dick. I fingered my clitoris as I watched. Victor groaned and held Mide’s head. Mide didn’t slow down, he grabbed Victor’s balls; playing with it while deep throating him. It was a lovely sight. I moaned hard as I rubbed my fingers on my clitoris, urging my climax.
I could see Victor’s eyes rolling back and I sensed he was going to come. My legs shook as my own orgasm drew near. Victor gasped hard and suddenly pulled out from Mide’s mouth; he spewed semen on the floor, shaking softly as he did. That did it for me; my own orgasm came washing through me. I lay on the bed, panting hard. Mide came to bed and placed his head on my belly.

* * *

Monday 7am
We had a rule never to allow our extra partner stay over after sex, a rule I defied many times because of Ann. I lay on the bed thinking of how to finish the book I was working on while Mide dressed up for his first day at his new office.
“Hey, how do I look?” he asked.
“Dashing.” I complimented.
“I’ll give you a call once I get to the office.” With that he gave me a kiss on my forehead and left for work. I stood up to unpack my laptop, got myself a glass of orange juice and set to work. I was halfway the first page when the doorbell rang.
I checked through the peephole and it was Dera, what the fuck does she want?
I opened the door,
“Dera, I’m a little busy right now, if you don’t mind I…” before I could complete my statement she walked right past me.
“Oh wow, you’ve not finished unpacking. I could help you with that.”
As exasperating as she was, I needed an extra hand; my book could wait for a little while.
“I really need the extra hand. Thanks.”
We finished unpacking after three hours and one box was left. I felt the reluctance to open it. Dera opened it and brought out a painting. She stared at it for few seconds “You?”
I nodded; it was a naked painting of me.
“Ann.” Dera said, reading the artist’s signature. It was Ann’s house warming present to me.

“Who’s she?”
“It’s personal, thanks for your help I really appreciate it but I really think you should go. I have to finish working on my book.”
I think she got the memo, she nodded her head and left. I sighed and picked up my phone; I dialled Ann’s number. She picked up on first ring.
“Hi Ruby.” She said in her half-sleepy voice I adored so much. I pictured her on the bed, naked as always, probably working on her laptop. She only worked thrice in a week at a hospital.
“Hi… uhm…” I stuttered.
“How’s Abuja treating you?”
“Pretty good.”
“Did you get my house warming gift?”
“Yes, you drew that from memory I know. Just unpacked with a friend and I’m so tired.”
“A friend?”
“Yeah, a neighbour.”
“She sounds cute.” Ann said, I could hear a little jealousy in her voice.
“Uhm…I guess.” I wasn’t about to explain anything. It was even better if she thinks I’ve moved on with someone else.
“I see. Well, I’ll talk to you later.” She hung up before I could tell her goodbye, classic Ann.

* * *

I sat on the couch watching old videos of Ed, Edd n Eddy with my husband. Dera was sitting right beside me and Mide didn’t like it one bit. He stood up and walked into the room.
“Excuse me.” I said to Dera.
I walked into the room and watched my husband pace around.
“What’s happening?”
“Why is she here? Is this another Ann situation?” he said angrily.
“For fuck sakes, she’s just a neighbour. She isn’t Ann.” I retorted.
“She keeps hanging out with you, keeps coming over and I fucking leave you home alone who knows what would happen.”
“You might as well tie me up, put me into your briefcase and take me to work with you so you can keep monitoring your uncontrollable bisexual wife.” I yelled.
I stomped back into the living room. God he was so annoying sometimes. Dera had left already and I was pretty sure she overheard our conversation.
The doorbell rang and as I made to open it, Mide came out.
“I’ll take it, I’m expecting someone.” He said.
He opened the door and the next thing I heard was “are you fucking kidding me.” I rushed towards the door and Ann was standing there, smiling.
“Ann, what are you doing here?” I asked incredulously.