Ruth and Cole sat in the therapist’s office miles away from each other fuming. The air around them was tense.
“Ok let’s start again, we need to tackle the problem here. When did the infidelity In your marriage start?”
“8 months ago, when Ruth decided I wasn’t man enough and she started cheating.”
“You started it.” Ruth retorted
“Calm down, there’s no need for arguments.” The therapist said before it could escalate. She was exasperated

Ruth looked at her husband and looked away, guilt enveloped her. She started cheating. She was the one who ruined their marriage.

* * *

8 months ago

“Shit! Shit!!” I muttered as i dabbed the documents on my table with a towel, i accidentally spilled coffee on the table.
“You ok?” Bella, a colleague of mine peeked her head into my office
“Just fine.” I replied in monotone
“Today isn’t my day.”
It was just 10am on a Monday morning and all I wanted to do was go home and sleep straight for a week.
But it wasn’t going to happen. Was it?
Jones strolled into my office and dropped a bulky file on my desk.
“Sort through this and get back to me.” He said smirking.
I swear, Jones was out to get me, all he did was assign work upon work while he sat in office watching porn.
I opened the file and started sorting through it…

It was lunch break already, and I wasn’t even halfway done.
“Hey are you coming?” Bella asked.
“Nope, can’t.”
“Alright starve.” She said and left.
I raked her fingers through my hair
I was frustrated.
A little introduction.
I’m Ruth Adebayo Smith, a legal secretary, working in a law firm. I’m a Nigerian. I got married two years ago to the love of my life, Cole Smith (he’s black american) despite the fact that everyone told me that I was too young and I had no “life experience”. If twenty years old was too young, then I didn’t care. ( I’m twenty two now). My pay is good and I enrolled in online college classes. I have no kids, my husband Cole and I decided to put kids on hold for a while. Work was demanding for both of us and having kids wasn’t a good idea.
I fiddled with my ring as I thought of my husband.
Earth to Ruth, you have a lot of work to do.
I started typing, lunch break was over and everyone was trooping in. My stomach growled.
I couldn’t wait for the day to end already.

* * *

Tuesday morning. I was late to work, and I hurried in. Jones was going to give me a fucking hard time.
“Hey… You won’t believe it.” Bella said, her mood chatty as usual.
I on the other hand wasn’t feeling so chatty.
“Bella not now.”
I stood in front of Jones’s office and took a deep breath, mentally preparing myself for verbal attack. I knocked and entered
“I’m so sorry, I was la…”
I stop midway, it wasn’t Jones staring back at me.
“Oh you must be Ruth Smith, i’m Phil.” A tall white, handsome man was standing right in front of me. He stretched out his hands and I shook it.

Outside his office
“I was trying to tell you Jones was terminated.” Bella said in an accusing tone.

“I don’t know, but if you asked me he was incompetent. So I’m not surprised.”
Bella worked as a bookkeeper. Jones was a lawyer, a bankruptcy Lawyer, he was in charge of me , which makes him my boss. But our real boss Mr Channing was the owner of the firm. I was glad devil Jones was no longer here to ruin my life, I also hoped this new boss wasn’t worse.

* * *

One week later

I checked the time, it was 7:39pm. I was working overtime today. Phil had a court case the next day so I had lots of stuffs to type for him.
I was up and down, from the computer to the printer to the photocopy machine and back again to the computer and I was the only one in the office, everyone had gone home since 5pm. Well, everyone except Phil.
I was exhausted. I finished compiling the documents and reports, then I went into Phil’s office. He was with another man I didn’t recognise.
“Ruth this is Tomi, my friend. He’s Nigerian too.”
I did a mental eye roll, white people act like meeting or knowing Africans is some sort of interesting experiment. Some will even go ahead to tell you how they donated to charity organizations in Africa. Chill Bill there are a lot of white starving children too.
“Tomi, this is Ruth my legal secretary.”
“Bawoni?” Tomi said, extending his hand.
I was taken aback, it’s been long I heard anyone speak Yoruba.”
“I’m fine.” I replied, placing my hand into his. His grip was soft and warm and my heart was thudding. I felt a funny flutter in my abdomen and there was a tingling sensation between my legs.
I withdrew my hand quickly, I gave the file to Phil and dismissed myself.

I got home and dropped my bag on the bed. I heard the shower running and I walked to the bathroom. Cole stood in the shower, water cascading all over his chocolate muscular body. I was extremely aroused.
I got into the shower, clothes and all.
“How was your day?” He asked
“Better now that I’m with you.” I replied sensually.
I took off my clothes and stood naked. I tiptoed and planted my lips on his lips, engulfing him in a wet hard kiss. I placed my hands around his neck. He broke the kiss and nuzzled my neck, trailing wet kisses from my neck to my collarbone. He kissed my cleavage and placed his mouth on my nipple. I groaned slightly and arched my head backwards. He squeezed my breast gently and went on his knees. He kissed my belly button and skimmed his tongue on it. I held his head and pushed him down so his face was resting directly on my clitoris, flicking his tongue on my clit and I gasped, almost losing my balance.
He cupped my ass and squeezed them gently. He engulfed my labia in his mouth and sucked hard. I gasped and moaned, gripping his head harder. He inserted two fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me, still lapping at my clitoris at the same time. My legs jerked involuntarily and I moaned loudly.
He stopped, then stood and grabbed my waist, pressing his erection into my thighs, he kissed me and I tasted myself on his lips.
He pushed me gently to the wall so that my back was resting on it. Draping my right leg over his shoulder, he inserted his dick slowly into me. I gasped as my walls constrict around his dick. He held my waist and began to go in and out slowly.
“Harder please…”
With that he slammed into me without warning and fucked me hard. He groaned and I whimpered, raising my hips and matching his stride. I placed his fingers on my clitoris, rubbing them while slamming into me, my body began to build. He sensed it then stopped.
“No please…” I begged.
He smiled at me and released my leg around his shoulder, it felt a little numb.
He grabbed my butt and pulled me into him, kissing me hard and biting my lips softly.
“My wife.” He cooed in my ear.
Suddenly he turned me around so I was facing the wall and he held my hands above my head, placing them of the bathroom wall. He placed his dick into my pussy and held my waist, he grinded me slowly and placed his lips on my neck, kissing my skin. I moaned as I arched my back further into him. He went in and out, then he wrapped his palm around my neck, choking me slightly. I grinded on his dick, my ass bouncing in the process. I was close to climax. He began to slam into me harder and harder and i figured his climax was also near. I whimpered and said series of nonsense as my orgasm ripped through me. My hips bucked and my knees became weak. He held me tighter as he groaned loudly.
“Yes… Yes.” He chanted as he came inside me. I collapsed on the floor and he lifted me up.
We cleaned up and I headed to the kitchen to prepare something for us.
* * *