Back at the therapist’s office.
“Let’s go over this again.”
“You caught him cheating on you with another man.”
I nodded.
“Then how did he find out you were also cheating on him?” The therapist asked.
“She told me, when she regained consciousness.” Cole replied.
“I did that to spite him and hurt him the same way he hurt me.”
The therapist nodded in understanding.
“The question now is do you still love eachother to give this another try?”
“Yes I love her. And I’m willing to give this another try.” Cole said.
I looked at him, I couldn’t live with the thought of his dick up another guy’s ass.
“Ruth what do you think?” The therapist asked me.
“I think we got married too quick, I mean we’re young and we’re supposed to explore life and other things before settling down. If we’re meant for eachother, we’ll find a way back. But I want to explore life.” I said.
The therapist gave us a resigned look. The session was over.
“So this is it?” Cole asked.
“This is it.” I replied.
I gave him a quick hug and walked out of the therapist’s office. I took out my phone and sent a quick text.
“It’s done. I’m coming over.”
All i could think of was Tomi’s sweaty body on mine.