I sat in the library. Trying to write an essay on Socrates and his philosophical teachings. I kept on tapping my pen on my book. To be honest nothing was coming forth. I stared at the huge clock in the library, it was 5pm. Still nothing… I groaned in frustration.
“Shh” someone said.
I glared at her.
My mind wandered to the food I kept in the fridge, I was getting hungrier by the minute.
Focus Chloe! Focus!!
I buried my face into my hands. Today my brain seem to have a lazy mind of its own.
“Excuse me.” Someone said in a soft voice.
I looked up and a guy stood before me.
“Do you have an extra pen to spare?” He whispered.
“Of course.” I replied.
I opened my bag, fished out a pen and handed it to him.
“Thanks.” He said and went back to his seat.

30 minutes later. I was still battling with the essay.
OK. I was done for the day, I decided to live another day to fight the battle. I packed up and checked myself out of the library.
I got outside and the guy I lent a pen was standing outside.
I walked up to him.
“Hey you didn’t return the pen.” I said.
“Excuse me?”
“The pen I gave you.”
He looked confused. Was this some kinda joke.
“You asked me to lend you a pen back in the library.” I explained.
“Oh. That wasn’t me. I…”
Before he could complete his statement, his look alike walked up to us.
I froze.
They were twins.
They looked exactly the same.
“Hi, here’s your pen.” The other twin said, handing my pen back to me.
“I’m sorry, I thought he was you.” I apologized to the other twin.
“It’s fine. I’m Dylan and he’s Damian.” He replied.
So Damian is the one i lent a pen. Dylan is the one I confronted.
“I’m Chloe.”
“Nice to meet you Chloe.” They said in unison.
“Same here.” I replied.
They waved as I walked away.

* * *

6:45pm Friday

“Are you not ready?” I said in frustration to my roommate Annabelle. She sat in front of the mirror, still applying makeup.
“Give me a minute.”
“Dude you’re beautiful. We’re going to be late.”
I was dressed in a short, low-plunging neck gown and knee-high red boots. Yeah I look hot.
Annabelle was dressed in a black leather dress and silver shoe.
“OK. I’m done.” Annabelle announced.
I rolled my eyes. Finally.

We walked into the party, loud music was playing, alcohol, drinks, pills and other stuff were passed around. People pressing their bodies into each other. Annabelle and I exchanged pleasantries with some familiar faces.
I took out an already rolled blunt and lit it, taking a deep drag and inhaling the smoke.
Annabelle went off to get us drinks and probably dick hunt.
I swayed to the music as I felt myself getting high.
“Mind If I get a puff?” Someone asked behind me.
I turn around and one of the brothers stood in front of me. Dylan? Damian?
I handed the blunt to him.
He didn’t take it.
“How about I taste it from your lips instead?” He said, obviously flirting.
“Not sure it tastes like the real thing.” I replied
“I’m sure it tastes better than the real thing.”
“How would you know?”
“I’m staring at it.”
I felt heat envelope my body. Especially my lower body.
I still didn’t know who was with me.
“Damian or Dylan?” I asked.
“Dylan.” He answered smiling.
“Let me get us some drinks and maybe I’ll drink from your lips too.” He leaned in and whispered into my ear, then walked off.
I felt a shiver down my spine.

Dylan was back, but no drinks in sight.
“Couldn’t get drinks?” I asked.
“Drinks?” He said, a little confused.
“Stop playing.” I giggled.
Then Dylan walked back up to us. With drinks. It took a while for my weed clogged brain to realize Damian was the one I just asked if he couldn’t get drinks.
I chuckled.
“You guys get me confused.”
“Oh! So you’re with him.” Damian said. I detected a little jealousy in his voice, or maybe my highness was fucking with me.
“Yeah. You can join us.”
“I’m sure he has something better to do.” Dylan replied.
Damian walked away from us. I could see his back tense up, like he was mad. Or maybe my high was still fucking with me.
I took the drink from Dylan and took a large gulp.
Dylan moved closer to me and placed his hands around my waist.
“Still down for the kiss?” He asked, whispering in my ear.
“How about we go someplace quiet?”
I nodded in agreement.
He held my hand and led me out of the party.
We got into his car and he drove off.

Ten minutes later we were at his place. We barely made it in before he grabbed me and pulled me towards him. He placed his lips on mine and kissed me with great lust and urgency. I returned the kiss, sucking slightly on his lower lips. It felt so good. He tasted like vodka.
He placed his hands on my butt and caressed it. The kiss deepened then suddenly he carried me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He led me to the bedroom and dropped me on his bed. Struggling to take off his clothes as I took off mine. I threw my clothes on the floor, high and wet. He stood over me, looking down at me.
“You look so hot.” He said, his voice husky with lust.
He stood, his manhood erect and his body looking like that of a Greek god. And I wanted him inside me so badly.
“I want you.” I whispered.
I needed him to devour me, to taste me and be inside me, his fluids mixing with my juices.
My eyes widen and my tongue trace across my lips in anticipation.
He began at my neck, kissing slowly and biting gently, savoring my smell and every inch of my flavor. He made his way to my belly and placed his lips over navel. My chest heaved in anticipation. He positioned his shoulders under my thighs and kissed the inside of my right thigh, then suckled the inside of my left. He wrapped his arms around my legs and pulled me closer to his face, burying his mouth in my delicious labia folds. He danced his tongue around and around and I felt my sense organs heightened. I began to see colors, beautiful colors floating across the room as his tongue darted on my clitoris. I followed his lead, grinding my hips against his mouth.
My moan rose into a pleasure-filled high octave as he inserted two fingers into my vagina, my walls close tight around his fingers as he went in and out, slowly. His tongue still on my clitoris. My head spun and I the colors became bolder. I arched my hips and moaned louder and louder. Reaching my climax point. He fingered me faster and faster and i gave in. My orgasm ripped through me and I came.
“Dylan… Shit… Dylan.” I said. Jerking and bucking.
He wasn’t done with me. He kissed me slowly, running his fingers through my hair. I was turned on again. In that moment I wondered if his brother was as good as him.
He slowly entered inside me and I gasped. I watched his face as emotions ran through them. His face was twisted in ultimate pleasure. He reached under and grabbed my ass, pulling me into him. I moaned as I felt him go deeper. He moaned hard, going slowly at first then picking up the pace. Going faster and faster. I matched his rhythm, arching my hips as I felt him deeper. He slammed into me roughly and I knew he was close to climax. He moaned and groaned, reaching his peak. His body shook as he pulled out and came on the sheet. I smiled as I sprawled on the bed. Drained.