I just wanted him inside me. The rough Damian.
I moaned louder as his fingers went deep inside me.
“Want me to stop?” Damian asked.
I shook my head. I didn’t want him to stop. But he did anyways. He stopped.
“Wh..what.. Why? Did you stop?” I asked stuttering. My voice filled with lust.
He didn’t reply me.
“Is this some sort of punishment for being with Dylan? This is unfair.” I whined.
He chuckled. He patted my hair and walked out of the kitchen. I stood there, very surprised. He was weird. This was weird.

* * *
It was 8pm in the night, the air was cool. A good time to smoke. I sat outside with Annabelle as we passed a big blunt I rolled. Cool breeze mixed with weed smoke caressing our faces. A stray cat meowed at us and Anna shooed it away.

“But if you were to choose. Who will you choose?” Annabelle asked me. After I gave her a detailed gist about my sexcapades with my identical sins.
I stopped to think for a while.
“Both.” I replied.
“So you don’t like one more than one?”
“Do you like cake more than ice cream?”
“No way, I love both!” She replied.
We stayed silent for a while and then she chuckled.
“What’s funny?” I asked.
“You’re crazy you know? You’re a fucking crazy bitch.” She replied, laughing.
I laughed too.
I know Anna, I know.

We both went back inside. I was about to sleep when my phone beeped and a text message popped up. It was from Dylan.

– Wyd tomorrow?
– Tomorrow’s Monday, I’ve got classes.
– Ditch ’em
– Why?
– I’ve got a photoshoot and I want you to be there
– Can’t…
– Please…
– Time?
– 11am.
– See you tomorrow then.
– ❤

Ditching classes would get me into a lot of trouble. And I was yet to complete my assignment. But my sense of adventure overrode my sense of reasoning.

* * *
11: 12am Monday

I stood outside the house while Dylan loaded his car with his photography equipment. He had told me earlier that he was shooting someone, apparently a girl who schools in the Art Institute of Atlanta which was about 52 minutes drive from here. Damian stood at the doorway watching us.

“You not gonna help bro?” Dylan called out to his brother, obviously teasing him.
Damian growled at him. Then he stared at me and gave me a look as if he was telling me to be careful. I smiled.

“I’m all set, let’s ride.” Dylan said. I got into the passenger seat. He started the car and drove off. I could still see Damian standing at the doorway through the side mirror.

Ten minutes into the drive, we were both silent. Then Dylan said.
“I see the way he looks at you though.”
“Uhn?” I said, oblivious.
“My brother.”
I didn’t reply. I didn’t know what to say.
“I’ll be mad if you pick him over me.” He said.
I chuckled.
“Funny?” He said and looked at me with a straight face. OK he was not joking. The almighty Dylan? Bad boy Dylan? Telling me he didn’t want me to pick his brother over him? A vulnerable moment or his ego speaking? Who knows.
“I get so mad when you spend hours talking philosophy and books with him.”
“He might have known you first, but I had sex with you first. That should count.”
OK. His ego has come out to play.
I changed the topic.
“So this girl you are going to shoot. Nudes yeah?”
“Yeah.” He replied.
“An ex? acquaintance?”
“None, met her online. I’ve always wanted to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta.”
“So why choose Atlanta Metropolitan State college?”
He shrugged. I knew why. Because of Damian.
“Damian.” I said.
His face twisted and he looked angry.
“Yeah the golden boy. My opinions never matter at home. The golden boy was better than me anyways.”
Now I understood why there was this unspoken taunt between them and somehow I felt I made a huge mistake by picking the both of them.
It couldn’t be that bad. I mean when they were fucking me, they were both in sync. They weren’t even taunting eachother.
Suddenly he stopped the car. Thankfully the road was mostly deserted, only a few cars drove by Then turned and smiled at me. I knew he was thinking of something stupid.
“Take off your bra.” He said, smirking hard.
“No way, what if someone sees me?” I replied, looking around.
“Take it off.”
I obeyed. I took off my shirt, then my bra. Then I wore my shirt back.
“Good.” He said.
Dylan brought out his phone from his pocket and raised my shirt a little, grabbed my left boob and took a picture. He was doing something on his phone and he was smiling so evilly.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Wait for it.”
He started to car and we continued our journey. Suddenly my phone rang. The caller ID said “Damian”
“Pick it.” Dylan prompted me, the evil smile still plastered on his face.
I answered the call
“Hey Damian.” I said.
“Chloe, where are you now?” I detected a little anger and jealousy in his voice. I raised my brow at Dylan. He was chuckling.
“In the car with Dylan.” I replied.
“I see.”
Just then, Dylan placed his right hand on the steering wheel and snaked his left hands into my skirt. Touching my clitoris. I yelped out of surprise.
“What is it?” Damian asked, still on the phone.
I was about to answer when Dylan rubbed my clitoris gently. I let out a long, uncontrollable moan.
“What is he doing?” Damian asked, his voice tight.
“He’s… He’s.. Oh fuck… Touching… Me… My… Clit.” I said, gasping for air. I was wet and my clitoris was throbbing.
I was going to come.
“Don’t come.” Damian said on the phone.
“Think of me, do you want me?”
I did want him. I wanted the both of them. Fuck…
“Yes.” I said.
“Then don’t come.”
Dylan was not about to lose to his golden brother. He inserted two fingers into my vagina and finger fucked me slowly, my vagina constricted around his fingers.
My moans deepen.
“I’m…so… sorry… Damian. I’m… Going… To… Oh my God…”
“Don’t come baby. Don’t let him make you come.”
“I’m…Sorry…” I moaned louder as I came all over Dylan’s fingers. My body spasmed as my orgasm washed through me.
“You still there?” I said to Damian on the phone.
“Yep.” He replied abruptly.
“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.”
He sighed.
“Hearing you moan gave me a massive erection, I wish you were here.”
Suddenly I wished I was with Damian too.
“Me too.”
“Just get back quickly. Take care.” He said and hung up.
“OK Dylan that was childish as fuck.” I said, frowning hard.
“But you came.” He was still smirking.
“Yeah but you really had to send your brother a picture of you touching my boobs.”
“Something to rile him up. I’m with you now and I bet he’s seething.”

OK this had to stop.
“Dylan it is not a competition.” I said.
He muttered something under his breath that sounded like “it is”.
I didn’t want to pursue the matter further. I leaned back and took a like nap.