I knelt in a corner, my knees sour from kneeling for over 45 minutes. My hands were tied behind my back, a leather collar around my neck and gag around my mouth. She was tired of listening to me beg so she gagged. I watched her, she was on the bed, reading a book and paying no attention to me. I wondered how long I was going to remain in this position.
My eyes greedily took in the sight of my naked mistress; she’s very tiny, weighing about 50 kg while I weigh about 90 kg, bigger than her yet I was the subdued one. She was lying on her belly so I could clearly see the arch of her tiny, perfect butt. I wanted to kiss it, wanted to bury my face between her thighs. I whimpered as my dick went fully hard. Spit ran down my mouth as I tried to talk and plead with the gag on.
My mistress put down her book and gave a little smirk, no doubt she was enjoying herself. I wanted her so bad and I was going to do absolutely anything to just touch her. I was starving. The image of a dog hanging its tongue out in anticipation flashed through my mind and that was exactly how I felt.
She walked towards me and rubbed my head.

“Good boy.” She said softly, still smirking.

She grabbed my neck collar and slowly leading me to the edge of the bed, I dragged my bruised knees, following her. She sat and smiled.
“You know why I punished you?” She asked. I couldn’t talk so I nodded. She forbidden me from releasing but I couldn’t hold it in anymore so I defied her.
She undid my gag restraint. Then she slowly lay on the bed, her legs dangling over the edge of the bed and her clean-shaven vagina in my face. My breath shortened and I felt myself gasping for breath.

“Kiss me.” She ordered. And I knew she meant her other lips. I placed my tongue on her clitoris, slurping greedily. I felt her jerk a little, I twirled my tongue on her clitoris then I traced a wet line down from her labia to her vagina opening. She moaned a little. My dick was so hard, pre-cum was oozing out of it. My hands were still restrained so there was little I could do about it.

My mistress wrapped her legs around my head, asphyxiating me a little. I kept going on, pleasing my mistress as she moaned.
She tugged at my collar, and I stopped. She then dragged me towards her, my body on hers as she kissed me lips, tasting her juice from my lips. She tugged at my lower lips, biting it softly. She grabbed my neck, licking and sucking my skin. I moaned loud, that was my weakness. She softly grabbed my dick, rubbing her fingertips on my cap, I moaned loudly and my knees bucked underneath me. She didn’t stop kissing my neck.

“Please… Please…” I begged.
She chuckled. She loved it when I begged, when I was at her mercy.
She released me, undoing the cuffs around my hands. She reached for her strap-on and wore it around her hips.

“Bend.” She ordered. I immediately complied. I bent over, my ass in the air. I felt something cold on my anus, it was lube. She inserted her strap-on slowly inside me; I gasped as I felt her inside me. She reached for my collar, dragging my head back and licking my neck as she went in and out of me. My eyes glazed over and I moaned and whimpered. She reached for my dick, rubbing the length slowly then twirling the cap around her fingers and fucking me at the same time. I arched my back and grinded on her strap while my legs shook involuntarily. I was so close to climax.

“Don’t come.” She whispered into my ears.
“I… won’t…”
Fuck! I was so close.
She bit my ears softly and licked the lobes, taunting me to defy her.
She stopped. There’s a mirror at the corner of the room.
“Kneel in front of the mirror.” She ordered. I went straight to the mirror and knelt.
She knelt behind me.
“Look at the mirror.” She said.
I obliged, I was embarrassed and I wanted to look away but I dared not.
“Are you my little bitch?”
“Yes.” I replied. She unexpected lashed at my back with her whip. I didn’t even realize she was holding it. My back smarted from pain.
“Yes what?”
“Yes mistress.”
She reached in front of me, jerking me off, rubbing my dick softly. I stared at myself in the mirror and watched my mouth part open and my face twist in pleasure.
“Yes… please… let.me.touch.you” I begged.
She whipped me again.
“I’m sorry.” I said whimpering.
I was getting close, my body jerked and I was going to burst.
“Don’t come.” She ordered. She moved her hands to my balls, stroking them softly, knowing I wouldn’t last.
“Please mistress… please.”
She smiled.
“Alright.” She said. With that I released and my body shook as my orgasm ripped through me.
“Thank you.” I whispered and slumped against her. She rubbed my hair and kissed it while I waited for my breath to regulate and legs to stop shaking.