We got to the art institute of Atlanta. I could see delight on Dylan’s face.
“You know, you could fill a transfer form if this is really where your heart is.” I told him
“And leave Damian all alone? Hard pass.” He replied.
For someone who low key disliked his brother, he wouldn’t leave his brother.
We got down from the car and Dylan made a quick call, telling the girl that he’s outside.
Few minutes later a girl walked towards us. As she came into view, I could see her clearly.
Her hair’s short and colored in pink, blue, purple and black. She’s Caucasian. She had weird tattoos all over her arms and neck and she had septum, medusa, eyebrow and lower lip piercings. She also had a lot of piercings on both ears and are appearance screamed heavy metal goth.
“Hi. I’m Sophie.” She said, offering her hand. I expected her voice to come out gruff but it came out soft.
“I’m Chloe.” I replied.
She said hi to Damian and led us to her room.

Her room was exactly how i pictured it. It was painted gray, and posters of different heavy metal bands were hung on her wall. Her room was messy, she painted a lot and most of her paintings had horrific contents.
“You did all these yourself?” Dylan asked her
“Yes. Like em?”
“They’re good, I’m not a fan of anything horror.”
“Of course you are not.” She replied sarcastically.
“So we doing this here?” Dylan asked
“Yep.” She replied.

Sophie began to undress. Soon she stood completely naked. I was a little fascinated. She had tattoos all over her body even around her pubic area. And her boobs were small and perky, she had nipple rings. She winked at me when she saw me staring and i averted my gaze.

Dylan didn’t even blink. He was probably used to it. He started setting up.
“Give me a min, i forgot to grab my reflector.” he said and went out of the room.
I stood and I felt so awkward.
Sophie could sense my tension, she moved towards me.
“Never seen a girl naked?” She teased.
“I have. Not like this.” I stuttered.
She smiled and placed her palm on my face. I felt tingles that I couldn’t explain.
“You have really nice lips, can I kiss them?” She asked.
I was curious. I nodded my head.
She brought her lips close to mine and kissed me softly.
Surprisingly she tasted like vanilla, and she smelled like flowers. Her lips were soft and fleshy. It was certainly different from kissing a guy.
She disentangled her lips from mine and smiled.

Just then, Dylan walked in. And in that moment I was thankful my black skin couldn’t turn pink.

“Sorry it took a while.” He apologized. He gave me a certain look that said “what’s happening?”
I ignored him.
I watched as he took pictures of her as she posed naked. I was thinking about her lips. What would it feel like to touch her boobs and maybe kiss her nipple? Was I gay? No I loved guys too much. Why was I thinking about it? She’s a girl for fuck sakes. Earth to Chloe… It’s just one kiss, I bet every girl has been kissed by another girl.
And she was making those sexy faces, I had to excuse myself.
“Wanna get some air.” I said.
“Alright try not to get kidnapped.” Dylan said
“Ha… Ha… Funny!”

As soon as I left the room, my tension dissipated. Phew! Boy was it hot in there. I looked around, looks like a typically normal school. Students walking around looking tired and sleep-deprived. I took out my phone from my pocket, ten missed calls. One from Anna and nine from Damian.

My phone was on silent so I didn’t hear it ring.
I dialed his number and he picked up on first ring.
“Sorry my phone was on silent.” I apologized immediately
“I see.” He replied abruptly.
“Where are you?”
“Outside, Dylan is in Sophie’s room.”
“Oh yeah the girl he’s having a shoot with.”
“Hmm alright.”
“How are you?” I asked.
“Fine. Just waiting for you to get back.”
“Soon babe. I’ll talk to you later.”
“Take care.” He said and he hung up.

“I bet that was Damian.” Dylan said.
“How long have you been standing there?” I asked
He smirked.
“Had to give Sophie a minute.”
I shook my head.
“Does Damian think I’m gonna kidnap you or something?”
“Hey he’s just checking up on me.”
“I see.”
He came closer towards me and grabbed my chin softly.
“We’re in public Dylan.”
“I don’t care.” With that he pulled me towards him and kiss me deeply. I could feel the lust and hunger on his tongue and my body responded with the exact same emotions.
Nobody paid attention to us. I mean it was perfectly normal for two student lovers to kiss.
Someone cleared their throat. And we broke the kiss.
“So you both are what? Boyfriend and girlfriend?” Sophie asked.
“Not really. We…”
“Yes we are.” Dylan said, cutting me off.
We are?
“I see.” Sophie said, I could hear a little hardness in her voice.
I needed to break the tension
“So… Are we done?” I asked.
“Yes. I’m packing up, excuse me.” Dylan said and left me standing with Sophie.
“You could have told me he was your boyfriend before I kissed you.” She said.
“I’m sorry. Was caught off guard.”
“It’s fine.” She said.
Dylan came back and started packing his stuff into the car.
“Alright. we’re ready to go. Nice meeting you.” He said to Sophie.
“Same here.” She replied. I smiled and waved at her, then entered the car.

* * *

We got back to the sins’ house and Dylan stopped his car. As soon as we got out of the car, he grabbed my waist and pinned me to the side of the car.
“What are you doing?” I said a little surprised.
“Nothing.” He replied smirking hard.
He brought his lips to my neck and suckled it softly, that shit turned me on.
“Let’s go inside.” I whispered.
With that he grabbed my butt, still pinning me to the car.
He moved his hands to my boobs and squeezed them gently, using his thumbs to rub my nipples. I was getting wet.
He snaked his right hand between my thigh and placed to fingers on my clitoris gently fingering it. I gasped.
He kissed me hard, and I returned the kiss more passionately. Just then, Damian came out of the house, I could feel Dylan’s smile against my lips.
So this was why he wouldn’t let us go inside?
I pushed him off.
“Stop being childish.” I said angrily.
I walked past them, not even sparing a glance at Damian.

I walked straight to the kitchen. I was fuming. They were both annoying. One was always trying to make the other jealous, and it was getting stupid. All I wanted to do was just have sex with both of them, was that too hard?
Still fuming, I fixed myself cereals. I could hear muffled bickering coming from Dylan’s room. They were at it again.
I stormed into his room, they were arguing. They stopped once they saw me.
“Really guys?” I said
“This doesn’t concern you.” Dylan said.
“Oh but it does.”
“It really doesn’t.” Damian replied
“Oh really, maybe I’ll just excuse myself and never come back till you guys resolve whatever shit you have going on between y’all.” I retorted. I was about to leave when Damian grabbed my arms and dragged me to him.
“You’re crazy if you think we’ll let you leave.” He whispered.
He said “we’ll” instead of “I’ll”. That was a good sign, wasn’t it?
Dylan came closer to us and squeezed my ass from behind. Shivers ran down my body.

Damian undid my shirt and slid it from my shoulders. He licked my nipple through my bra as Damian undid the zipper on my skirt and slid it down over my hips. I writhed with intense desire.

Damian reached behind me and unclasped my bra, letting it fall to the floor. I was standing naked in front of my identical sins. I watched them as they undressed, soon they were naked.
I grabbed their dicks gently and began to stroke them both firmly, kissing Dylan on his lips. He moaned deep in his throat. I felt Damian’s dick jerk in my hand at the sight of my mouth on his brother’s lips. I alternated back and forth, kissing the both of them and jerking them off.

After a few minutes. Dylan gently pushed me on the bed and buried his face between my legs. I moaned as his tongue teased my clit. Damian moved onto the bed beside me and began sucking on my nipples, teasing them. When Dylan slid two of his fingers inside me I immediately came, moaning my pleasure, calling out their names.
They continued to torture me as I came again and again. I couldn’t bear it.
“Fuck me please.” I begged.
Dylan stopped fingering me. He flipped me over, so I was laying on my tummy.

I could feel him behind me, his dick stroking my pussy from my clit back to my vagina, then he entered me slowly, burying himself in me. I gasped in pleasure and moaned uncontrollably as he began to pump his dick into me. I arched my back against Dylan’s dick. Damian came in front of me and I grabbed his dick, deep throating it. I watched his eyes roll as he grabbed my face.

I lost myself in the pleasure; soon I was coming again. Dylan’s rhythm began to increase and I knew he was about to come. He pulled out and came on my back.
Damian took over and his own rhythm was faster and rougher than Dylan’s, it was unexpected. I gasped as I tried to match is rhythm. He reached forward and grabbed my throat, choking me lightly.
“Damian…” I moaned.
“You like this?” He whispered.
I nodded and gasped as he slammed into me over and over again. Dylan grabbed my face and kissed me, biting my lower lip.
I was going to climax again…
Damian groaned and he went in and out much faster.
“I’m coming.” I moaned.
I cried out as my orgasm came rushing. Damian grabbed my waist and came inside me, shuddering hard.
I collapsed on the bed, breathing hard. Dylan lay beside me, stroking my face. Damian stood up and left the room, not even looking at me once. What was up with him?
After few minutes of struggling to catch my breath, I stood to go and clean up.
“Eventually you’ll have to choose just one of us.” Dylan said.
I looked back to see if he was kidding. He wasn’t.
“Why?” I asked.
“It’s selfish to have the both of us. And it’s causing a rift between me and Damian.” He said.
“I understand.”

I walked to the bathroom hoping the day I get to choose one of them will never come.