I yawned as my Research Methodology lecturer talked incessantly about research hypothesis, my mind drifted off. I stared ahead and my gaze fell on him. I sighed, he is so handsome, but he doesn’t even look me, he doesn’t even know I exist and worst of it all, he has a girlfriend.
Thirty minutes later, the lecturer ended the class, I sighed with relief. I picked up my books and headed out of the class, someone brushed against me.
“Sorry.” He said. I looked up, it was Remi, my crush.
“It’s fine.” I said smiling like a fool. He nodded and walked away.
I was hysterical inside me. He talked to me, he talked to me… even though he just said one word. But at least he noticed me.
I got back to my hostel, I share a room with three other girls. None of them were around, they mentioned that they were going to a party or something, I couldn’t care less I’m not a party person.
I lay on the bed.

I heard a knock on the door, I stood up to open it. Remi was standing right in front of me. My jaw dropped in immense shock. What was he doing here?
“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” he asked.
I found my voice instantly.
“Sure, come in.” I said, ushering him in. I led him to my bed and he sat on it. I was fidgeting a little.
“Why are you here? How do you know this place?” I asked, throwing questions at him.
He smiled at me.
“I’ve been watching you for a while. So let’s say I know a few things about you.” He answered.
I was a little perplexed, why would he be watching me?
“I really like you.” He said.
My heart did a little dance, I felt common sense leaving my body.
“But you have a girlfriend.” I said.
“Shh…” he replied, placing a finger on my lips. Just his skin contacting with mine sent shivers up my pussy. I’ve imagined this a million times, it’s surreal for it to be happening.

He snaked a hand on my thigh, lightly caressing me as it moved down my inner thigh.
“Stop. We shouldn’t be doing this.” I said.
“Shh… you want this.” He said. I honestly did, and my panties was already soaking wet. He continued to rub my thighs. I move my legs wider, waiting for more. His hand moved to my pussy, and I felt a finer tip circling around my clitoris. I sighed, anticipating, wanting and longing for more. I was heating up.
His hands travel from my thigh up to my belly button, then to my breast, tugging slowly at each nipples and flicking it with his fingers. I moaned. My pussy ached so badly. Finally he started moving his hands back down, once he reached my pussy, I held my breath, waiting… I was so wet. He inserted a finger into my pussy, the pressure was going to make me cum. I threw my head back as he went In and out slowly. I was trembling so badly, as I gripped my sheet. He inserted another finger into my pussy, using his thumb to rub the top of my clit. I groaned, hanging onto the bed, I was going to come soon, the climax of a lifetime.
I felt the pressure building, I tilted my head back as the waved washed through me, and then he stopped. He unzipped his fly and stood in front of me, I stare at his twitching long dick and thought ‘this is it’.
I licked my lips and flicked my tongue on the tip of his dick. He groaned. I spat on his dick and took it deep into my mouth, I gagged a little and brought it out, stroking faster. He grabbed me up, touching my boobs, he took off my top, I wasn’t wearing any bra underneath. He sucked my tits gently, I rubbed my thigh against his erection, my pussy made quivering noises as the wetness spread through. He pushed me gently on the bed, parting my legs, he placed his head between my legs, I almost screamed, his tongue began to slide up and down my wet slit. The feeling of him kneading and massaging my swollen labia drove me crazy. My clitoris vibrated with desire. As he dragged his tongue all the way down to my perineum.
I gripped the sheet hard as I felt a massive climax erupt through me. I writhed and bucked as my orgasm ripped through me.
He wasted no time as he rammed his dick into me. I dug my nails into his back as my wetness returned. His damp chest on my boobs as he increased his speed. I lifted up my pelvis to meet his urgent thrusts. I was going to cum again. I moaned loudly as I drew near to my climax.
I felt a tap on my shoulders. I woke up, it was Brit, one of my roommates.
“You were making weird noises.” She said.
FUCK YOU! I almost screamed.
“When did you guys get back?” I asked instead.
“Few minutes ago.” Tolu said.
I sat in class, staring at him. I can’t believe I thought I was having sex with him for real. I’m so pathetic…